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Design Resources

21 Tutorials and Downloads for St. Patrick’s Day

Need some inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day? We’ve compiled a list of 21 resources for you to see and try. Check out these awesome Photoshop tutorials and downloads and let us know what you like!

Photoshop Tutorials

Want to create something in Photoshop for St. Patrick’s day? Here are 5 tutorials to try out!

Beer Text

Making a Horseshoe

Traditional St. Patrick’s Day Logo and Flyer

Photoshop Shamrock Pattern

How to Draw a Shamrock on Paper then Complete it in Photoshop

PSD Templates

Need to get a design done fast? Here are some premade Photoshop templates that you can use. These aren’t free but they’re worthwhile if all you want to do is get a great looking poster/template done.

St. Patrick’s Party Flyer & Poster Template – $6

Grunge St. Patrick’s Party Flyer Template – $6

St Patricks Day Party Flyer Template – $6

Beer Flyer Template – $6

St Patricks Nightclub Flyer Template – $6

Photoshop Patterns/Brushes/Styles

In addition to tutorials and premade PSD templates, you can use these Photoshop resources to create your own St. Patrick’s Day posters. Here are 6 handpicked resources you can use to enhance your artwork.

St. Patty Pattern

St. Patrick’s Day Brushes

Lucky WA Brushes

Luck of the Irish Text Style

Shamrock Custom Shapes

St. Patrick’s Day Pattern Set


Don’t forget about fonts! Browse through some Celtic fonts or use some Dingbats to quickly add intricate designs to your work.

Celtic Fonts

Lucky Charms

VM Designs 2

SQ Square Ornaments

JI Kaleidoscope Bats

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